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Ewan Doherty Day 1

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Fuzz and I started off quite early in the morning and met up with Ewan Doherty at Slieve Donard car park in Newcastle, Northern Ireland.  The weather was amazing again.  I’m sure other Break the Cycle rider Colin Ross will be pissed to hear this as we have had him shoting in the worst conditions so far,

Ewans day was not without problems though.  We spent about 30 minutes climbing up the mountain and started shooting.  Pretty soon Ewan got his first puncture of the day.  He had to go all the way back down to get it fixed.  He got a total of four punctures today which held things back quite a bit!

In the end it was all good.  We went to Belfast Lough where Ewan usually does one of his training runs from Holywood to Bangor and got a bit of an interview off him there.  We also got a few good shots of him working on his bike in his garage.

Jamie McCullough Day 1

Saturday, September 13th, 2008
IMG_0582.jpg This is the first day shooting with Jamie McCullough AKA Turkey from Belfast.  Fuzz and I picked up Jamie from his house pretty early and headed up the North Antrim coast to get some footage.  It turned out to be an amazing day, with perfect condidtions that were unlike the wet rainy days we have been getting recently over here in Northern Ireland.

We started the day at 9am and worked all the way though to 8pm.  We also hit Ormeau BMX track in Belfast, and the dirt jumps in south Belfast for more action.  Jamie was totally wrecked after the day, as were we, but it turned out really good.

Jamie’s girlfriend from Ballymena came up to check him out on the bike.  We think he just wanted to show off to her!

Rosco Day 2

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

This was the second day of shooting Rosco at Cave Hill, Belfast. It was very wet this time but the light was better in the forest than usual so I got some good shots. I can’t give too many away so these are some random shots from the day, and one of Rosco who will be in the film.

Robert Ferguson (Rab) was also up there today with his mad dog. He’s been riding bikes for years and after a long break, is starting to get into it again. Rosco was saying he must have the record for the most sign ons at races without racing!

I’m probably going to have one more day shooting with Rosco but i will have to wait until I get my microphone set-up for the interviews.  

Jamie McCullough is hopefully going to be the next rider to get footage off, and then Ewan Doherty.  Check back soon for more updates

Cave Hill Shoot

Saturday, September 6th, 2008
IMG_0160.jpg Just back from Colin Ross’s (Rosco) Cave Hill shoot in Belfast.  It was a pretty good afternoon, some pretty sick riding from rosco.  We met at the Castle car park after Rosco finished work and decided to head straight up to the top to start shooting.  

Hopefully we have some good footage for the film.  I’ll probably need another day with him to finish off his section.  We were out for about five hours but it started to get dark in the forest towards the end of the day. Rosco was wrecked and had a few good crashes but walked away in one piece.

 Check out the pics fuzz took below.

Colin Ross at Gym

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

I’m just back from shooting Colin down at the gym where he works.  He was taking a spin class and found out how hard he pushes the people he trains.  Fuzz got a few photos of the shoot.  We plan to try to get all of his section in this weekend to keep checking back for more updates.[nggallery id="1"]