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Break the Cycle trailer released

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 have finally got footage from most of the riders (apart from Glyn O’Brien) for the film and managed to put together a trailer.  This is more of a teaser than a trailer but it give an idea of what the film is all about.

We have not been out shooting over the past couple of weeks as we have been putting the trailer together but we will be out again soon to get more shots.  

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Music credits: (in order of appearance – Artist/Track)
The Frames – In the deep shade
Joe Echo – Come get it wrong
Joe Echo – Where we wanna be

Heavy Metal II videos!

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
YouTube Preview Image

Some of you may remember Honcho Designs first video release back in 2001 ‘Heavy metal’. Heavy Meatal II was in development in 2002 but never happened… until now! Video clips have been pulled from the archive and uploaded to the Break the Cycle YouTube channel. They feature riding from Irish riders back in 2002 at Bromont and Whistler. There is also coverage of the Canadian downhill and 4x would cup rounds from 2002.

Bromont Trails

Way back in 2002 John Lawlor, Dale McMullen, Andy Smith, Richard Smith and myself were over in canada to race a couple of rounds of the downhill mountain bike world cup.  We were lucky enough to be able to stop off at a couple of amazing riding spots between races, one of which was Bromont.  For those of you who don’t know, Bromont ihas an amazing network of trails.  I havn’t been there in a while but I have heard that they have developed the area for bikes much more since we were over in 2002.

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Grouse Mountain World Cup

Grouse Mountain was one of the world cup rounds we raced at when we were over there.  The track at Grouse Mountain is located in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada.  It was a strange track because it finished half way up the mountain.  For the race runs the weather turned really bad really quickly.  As you can see in the video visibility was not the best!

YouTube Preview Image


Whistler, what can i say… an amazing place to ride.  I had never seen another place more geared towards mountain bikers in my life.  Back then in 2002 there were a load of Irish riders out there.  Check out the video of everyone doing a train down A-Line.  I remember Andy and Richard Smith loving the wall ride at the bottom section of the track.  I think things are a bit crazier there now.

YouTube Preview Image


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Whats Next? The trailer for break the cycle is almost finished and will be on here soon!

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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 have entered a ‘Break the Cycle’ test video of current Irish downhill champion Colin Ross at Cave Hill, Belfast, into their monthly video contest.  Show your support by voting here.