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BTC Release.. Not Long Now!

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

btcdvdcoverforweb Well, BTC has been edited, colour corrected, and the DVD cover artwork has just been finished off today! A few deals are to be made with distributers, then all of you should be able to get your hands on a copy either through this website, or at your local bike shop soon! European release is expected first, then other parts of the world to follow.

A world premier in Ireland is also in the works, with world tour packages also planned for people who want to hold their own screening events.

Other news… BTC Director Andy Yoong made an amazing return back to the race scene in the Masters category taking a Gold at the 2009 Irish National Champs and Bronze at the Masters Worlds. Glyn O’Brien has just returned home from the World Police and Firefighter games taking the Gold medal in both Dual Slalom and Downhill. International pro Ben Reid took first place in Irish Championships in Elite, with Colin Ross coming in at a close second. 2009 European Champion Meave Baxter took first place in the women’s category for the third year running. She has also just won a Silver at the Masters Worlds in France!

Keep your eyes peeled to the website over the next few weeks for news on release dates!

Final Music Selection

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Thanks to everyone who provided us with music for the film. Here is a full list below of the Artists and their tracks we have used in the final edit. (Album’s in brackets if applicable)

The Frames:
• Rent Day Blues (Set List)
• Mighty Sword (For The Birds)
• Santa Maria (For The Birds)
• In The Deep Shade (For The Birds)

Black Ball Fighter:
• Fever
• Dragon’s Fire

• Brassneck (Ergonomics)
• Don’t Know Why (Ergonomics)

Jaded Sun:
• Crazyman (Gypsy Trip)
• Fever (Gypsy Trip)

Chris Colepaugh And The Cosmic Crew:
• Spotless Mind (in your backyard…)
• California Mountain (in your backyard…)
• Coffee Shop (in your backyard…)

Joe Echo:
• Where we wanna be

• Monument (Monument
• Lifter, on (Monument)

Vesta Varro:
• Blue Mirror Boy (Exit Here)

Mannequin Republic:
• Disco (Alpha Arcadia)